NXT: TAKE OVER Brooklyn 4 Card and Predictions

Here we go on the eve of SummerSlam........getting right into it and excited about this card!

Card in predicted order:

1. EC3 vs Velveteen Dream

It seems as if Dream is gonna have to eventually take a win in a big match. Plus seeing Vince, HHH and the HeartBreak Kid are all about punishing wrestlers sometimes. Consider this EC3 punishment for leaving the WWE and coming back. He took the loss against Adam Cole for the North American Title and now he will job to Dream and put him over. This will be a great match! Might steal the show and great to put on first to get the crowd pumped!

WINNER: Velveteen Dream and great ready for another match. NXT is old school wrestling and they spread feud out for months sometimes a year. Good Ole' Wrestling!

2. NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Undisputed ERA (c) vs. Mustache Mountain

Undisputed ERA are FIRE right now. Until we see them turn on Roddy which I don't see that happening just yet. The ERA keep the straps on this one.

WINNER: Undisputed ERA retain!

3. NXT Women's Championship Match: Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Kairi Sane

I don't like Baszler and I think she's doing the title wrong, BUT.....it seems they are pushing her hard to put her on a Rousey level. I would not be shocked to see Sane with but I think they continue pushing Baszler.

WINNER: Shayna Baszler hold on to championship with a convincing win!

4. NXT North American Championship Match: Adam Cole (c) vs. Ricochet

Cole is ready for the NXT title and Ricochet is TOP NOTCH right now. I see Ricochet taking the title and starting a fued with DREAM again this time for the strap. Cole will then move on to the NXT title picture. This match can blow DREAM vs EC3 away and these guys can do it! Can't wait to see this one " BAY BAY"!

WINNER: and NEW North American Champion RICOCHET!

5. Last Man Standing Match for the NXT Championship: Tommaso Ciampa (c) vs. Johnny Gargano

Wow! what can I say! I LOVE Tommaso as a HEEL! he draws more HEAT than ANY wrestler in the modern era. He draws HEAT like the old heels of the old days and they need to sneak out before the crowd really kills him! I will never get sick of watching these two guys go at it. They have MAGIC! It sad that Black got hurt but I think Tommaso retain to build on his HEAT and if Gargano wins it he wins it when Black returns. This may be light out, craziness of a match! Get ready!

WINNER: Tommaso Ciampa retains the title!

Get ready for SummerSlam people!

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