Extreme Rules Card and Predictions

So we are back at it again! After a 90% success rate last PPV. Bog Nick Kold makes the picks and determines the future......

Let's get into it.....

The overall show looks to lack the star power and luster needed, some of these matches make no sense either. We will see what Vince has in store for us at SummerSlam.


(Tables Match) The New Day vs. SAnitY

I'm not exactly sure what SAnitY's place is on the card nor what Vince has in store for them. They have allot of talent and would be a shame to waste it. I dont know what happened to Big E's BIG PUSH? But I cannot see them bury The New Day unless the push is still on and they want to boost SAnitY, or to set up a longer fued with another Big Three FreeBird Team and end the match in some sort of scandal to prolong this fued. The New Day loosing wont hurt them ecspesially if they do a cage match with these guys for SummerSlams. I think it ends with a Nikki Cross intro to the main roster and interfereance with SAnitY coming out on top this time.

WINNERS: SAnitY and a fued going into SummerSlam. Welcome to the Main Roster Nikki Cross!


#1 (RAW Tag Team Championships) Deleters of Worlds (c) vs The B-Team

Brother Nero will be joining the mix here soon and either fueding with Bray or Matt, but I cannot see The B-Team win the straps. I think they are meer comic relief on the roster. DOW cannot loose the these jobbers. BUT they do need to start making good use of The Revival and AOP.

WINNERS: Deleters of Worlds retain.

#2 Finn Balor vs "Constable" Baron Corbin

Ever since he became the 'Constable" he has been on fire. I find it hard to belive that they will have him job right away, it will hurt is character. But I find it hard that Finn will do the job and if so, WTH happened to Finn and his bottom of the mid card level? Its hard for me to see this and say it but.....

WINNER: "Constable" Baron Corbin, not sure what happens after this?

#3 (Steel Cage Match) Braun Strowman (Mr. MITB) vs "KO" Kevin Owens

Honestly this is the best built up match on the card! Thank you to KO! He is a great story teller, mic worker and AWESOME for buisness. This has to be a SummerSlam match and because of this that will be Braun's recipt and consolidation match untill they have Reigns take the strap from Lesnar at SS or they have Braun cash it in and take it to continue the "feeling sorry for Roman" angle they are pushing. KO will pull it off at ER but NOT clean. He will figure out a way to cheat and win! He will be running for his life after!

WINNER: "KO" Kevin Owens to build another match at Summer Slams.

#4 (SDL Tag Team Championships) The Bludgeon Brothers (c) vs Team Hell No

Not sure why they assembled DB and Kane. Pretty much simple. Team Hell No cant win the straps, Kane is running for mayor and need to leave for his campaign. I dont see them having a 1 in run and out. Plus the rumored DB vs Miz at SummerSlam. So with that said expect The Miz to be here and to interfere causing Team Hell No to lose the match. Even though they said he has prior engagments and wont be at Extreme Rules. THIS IS A WORK. MIZ will be there to cost Daniel Bryan the Tag Titles.

WINNERS: The Bludgeon Brothers retain not sure what the future olds for them.

#5 (US Championship) Jeff Hardy (c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Hardy becomes Brother Nero after this. Nak finally gets his first major strap on main roster as well. I fully expect Hardy to drop and move to RAW to involve himself with the Deleters of the World somehow?

WINNER: NEW US CHAMP Shinsuke Nakamura

#6 (30 Minute Iron Man Match) (IC Championship Match) Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Seth Rollins

Rollins is on FIRE! But I also can't see Dolph have a quick title reign. But I've seen worse. This match will steal the show and I can see them place this as the first match on card, which would be stupid. I feel the strap goes back to Rollins with McIntyre interfering and setting up a match for Drew and Rollins at Summer Slam for the strap, which then will turn into a Drew vs Dolph later for the title, as Rollins moves on the the Universal after Lesnar leaves for his 1 UFC match vs Cormier.

WINNER: Seth Rollins wins his IC Title back again.

#7 (SDL Women's Championship) Carmella (c) vs Asuka

This is IT! Finally. Second match between both. Ellsworth will be stuck in a cage, but he will slip thru and interfere in the match but he will mistakenly cause Carmella to lose and Asuka to finally win her first major title on the main roster and well deserved. This will eventually lead to a Charlotte vs Asuka rematch at Summer Slam.

WINNER: AND NEW SDL CHAMP ASUKA due to Ellsworth costing Carmella the strap.

#8 (World Champiosnhip) AJ Styles (c) vs Rusev

Although its finally great to see Rusev in a main title match it aint coming his way. I hope they have a great match so they can continue a feud and possibily staple Rusev as a main eventer but AJ is on a whole new level.

WINNER: AJ Styles keeps his strap.

#9 (RAW Womens Championship) Alexa Bliss (c) vs Nia Jax

So I have said this before that Alexa vs Nia are horrible matches. Honestly I feel everytime Nia wrestles it looks rough and bad. Shes still RAW in the ring and has allot to learn. Ronda Rousey will be ringside. Obviously they have a match to build for Summer Slam. Expect Alexa to keep the strap. Rousey will interfere somehow to set up an Alexa vs Rousey for Summer Slam. What I'm more interested about, which I think is a good idea, will they include Nia for a 3 Way?

WINNER: Alexa Bliss with Ronda Rousey interfering.

#10 Roman Reigns vs Bobby Lashley

So Lesnar will be at ER. I said it a long time ago. He's leaving for UFC for a Lesnar vs Cormier. So he needs to drop the strap at Summer Slam. He will be back after his UFC match. I truely belive they will be working a hard feel bad for Roman angle like they did to DB to push him hard as a babyface. Lashley is the only other capable person to do so. I expect Lesnar to interfere and cost Reigns the match. To set up a Lashley vs Lesnar at SS. Also Lashley has been going around leaking that he and Lesnar have a match for SS. Will they give Lashley the strap or have Strowman cash it in and steal it from both. Thats my call. But for now Lashley wins. After Lashley can battle Reigns, Strowman and Rollins.

WINNER: Bobby Lashley

I still think these PPV are WAY to long and a ton of talent left off. I cant begin to name them all? having Duel Brands needs duel PPV. Shorter PPV's. I can imagine being a fan in the arena for 5 hours!? Insane.

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