World Cup 2018 Group Play Update Mexico Upset Germans, Brazil draws, Messi chokes AGAIN!

How can I not recap the first weekend with all these shockers! First Round of group play is still not over, but WOW! Let me start with my top shocking moments thus far....

#1. MEXICO beat Germany! Let me say that again so you understand..........MEXICO beat the defending champs Germany 1-0! Mexico suffered a earthquake on the seismic meter from all the fans jumping in Mexico City and red .04 on the seismic scale. BUT WOW.......I was cheering for the Mexicans and will continue to....they shocked the world with there accurate passing and consistent attack that wore the German defense down. The Germans are lucky they didn't score 2 more on them. But congrats Mexican Fans you guys deserve this and I am happy for these kids and the country!

#2. Messi choked once again......Iceland tied was a draw and Messi had two chances to overcome these Warrior type underdogs. But he couldn't....this all meanwhile Ronaldo puts in 3 for a hat trick to draw a tie against Spain.

#3. Switzerland draws a tie against the Monster Brazil! Another upset almost looks like these GIANTS

are underestimating the smaller teams.

Updating the Groups:

Group A still looks like Uruguay will take the top spot, and Russia looks stronger than anticipated, they will be second.

Group B even with Iran on top cannot count Spain and Portugal out and looking at the rest of Group play they will still take 1 and 2 in Group B.

Group C France looked weak. Again like the Big teams took these smaller teams for granite. I still see France taking the top spot here. 2nd place will be tight, I think Denmark will squeak it out but Australia has a big chance. The Denmark vs Australia match will decide second.

Group D Croatia is on top......I still feel Argentina will take 1 and Croatia 2 but do not count out Iceland they have a shot at 2.

Group E With Serbia on top now. Brazil still take #1 and the Serbia vs Switzerland will decide who #2 will be. Im feeling it will be Serbia. They had a strong outing today.

Lets see what next week brings and I hope the big teams are watching and not taking the smaller countries to lightly or we will be in store for some more surprises.

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