WWE Superstar Shake-Up

So tomorrow starts the 2 day event of revamping and shaking up the rosters for the year. WWE's version of a sports draft sort of speak. Allot of rumors going around......

I'm gonna start with possible call ups from NXT.....

1. Cien Almas is as good as gone! He will be promoted and called up 100%.

2. Drew McIntrye will also be called up.

Here are the maybe's......

1. Rumor as of late has it that they are trying to make a case to Vince on promoting Velveteen Dream, but allot of people think it may be too soon.

2. There are also rumors of sAniTY geting called up and teaming with Bray Wyatt as he turns on Woken Matt.......but I think this will be much later. Not just yet.


1. Biggest Rumor is that they will be SWAPPING Intercontinental Champ Seth Rollins and US Champ Jinder Mahal. This in my opinio would be a great move with new matchups for them. Freshen it up a bit. I like this move ALLOT.

Top Names going to RAW:

OF COURSE: Kevin Ownes and Sami Zayn

1.Baron Corbin ( Vince is SUPER HIGH on this guy and he will be getting a huge push on RAW. )

2. Charlotte ( this is why she dropped the title to Carmellla last week. Asuka stays on SDL. )

3. Daniel Bryan (will be pivitol in the Universal Championship game, Lesnar did not like Bryan so lets see how this plays out )

4. Becky Lynch

5. Naomi

6. The Usos ( This is why they dropped the titles, new matchups for them as well )

7. Randy Orton ( he needs a change or a break. Right now hes lost and seems like he hates his job or doesnt wanna be there, lets see if RAW puts that fire in him again )

8. Gable/Benjamin

9. NXT: Drew McIntyre

Top Names going to SmackDown LIVE:

1. Finn Balor (Again this move with Seth Rollins looks great for matchups with Nakamura and AJ Styles. Its gonna be a NJPW Reunion! )

2. Gallows/Anderson ( Balor Club stays in tact, after Nakamura fued expect a Finn/AJ fued for leadership of the Club )

3. Jeff Hardy ( for the time being until Bray turns on Woken Matt, Jeff will be pushed to SDL for now )

4. Bayley ( this will be great for her and potentially can put the strap on her for a while on SDL )

5. Samoa Joe ( like Corbin on RAW, Joe will get a HUGE push on SDL hopefully he stays healthy! )

6. Dean Ambrose

7. The Revival or Titus O'Neil/Apollo with Dana Brooks

8. NXT: Cien Almas with Zelina

Exciting 2 days and even more so, looking forward to the first joint PPV in a LONG time and how it will look and work out.

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