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WWE SummerSlam 2018 Card and Predictions

August 19, 2018

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June 18, 2018

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WrestleMania 34 Full Card Review, Predictions and Rumors!

April 6, 2018


4 days away from spending my weekend watching wrestling!   Literally, WWE Hall of Fame Friday Night, NXTTakeOver New Orleans Saturday Night, ROH SuperCard of Honor Saturday (Recorded), and the entire 6 hours of Wrestlemania......OH BOY!.....this is gonna be crazy!  The wife is gonna be pissed, but I always have the time she binge watched The Crown on NetFlix against her, so I should be in good shape.  


Let's start with Fridays Festivities.  Watching the wrestlers enter on the Red Carpet with their spouses and all SWAGGED out is pretty cool. The speeches and emotion of the night.   The tears that flow on the faces of men and women because of the all the years of sacrifice.   Here is the list of inductees with their presenters:  


Kid Rock (Celebrity Inductee) - TBA


Jarrius "JJ" Robertson (Warrior Award) - Dana Warrior 


Hillbilly Jim by Jimmy Hart 


Mark Henry by Big Show 


Ivory by Molly Holly 


Jeff Jarrett by Brian "Road Dogg" James 


Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley, The Dudley Boys by Edge and Christian 


Goldberg by Paul Heyman 


Also keep in mind IMPACT is in New Orleans this weekend as well doing a cross promotion.  IMPACT vs LUCHA UNDERGROUND 


Now to one of the two best cards this weekend ROH SuperCard of Honor.  This card is both exciting and stacked! Cross Promotional with NJPW, I will not go into Predictions for this card ......


#1 Adam "Hangman" Page vs Kota Ibushi 


#2 Punishment Martinez vs Tomoshiro Ishii 


#3 WOH Women Championship Semi's and Finals right after : 

      Tenille Dashwood (Emma) vs Sumi Sakai 

      Kelly Klein vs Maya Iwatani 



#6 ROH TV Title 

       Kenny King (c) vs Silas Young 


#7 ROH World Six Man Title 

      SoCal Uncensored (c) vs Young Bucks and Flip Gordon 


#8 ROH World Tag Title 

      The Briscoes (c) vs Jay Lethal and Hiroshi Tanahashi 


#9 ROH World Title 

      Dalton Castle (c) vs "The Villan" Marty Scurll 


#10 "The American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes vs "The Cleaner" Kenny Omega 



Next on tap is NXT TakeOver New Orleans.  I bet you guys thought this would be the best card I mentioned of two.  NO!  It's not.  I dont think this card has any spice or excitment.  Only 2 matches intrigue me to watch this and thats Ciampa/Gargano cause they built the storyline well and The North American Title Ladder Match.  Everything else is shade......Im starting to see allot of the storylines get watered down in NXT and Im not sure why....I know Micheals and Borash are helping allot, I hope its not cause of them, if so PLEASE Triple H TakeOver.....


#1 Final Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic for NXT Tag Titles 

      AOP Authors of Pain vs Undisputed Era w/Adam Cole vs Pete Dunn n Rod Strong

      Winner:  Undisputed Era- With Fish out, Cole takes over and holds the strap with 

                      O'Reilly.  AOP get promoted to RAW on Monday.  Roddy goes to 205! 


#2 First NXT North American Championship Ladder Match 

      EC3 vs Adam Cole vs Killian Dain vs Velveteen Dream vs Lars Sullivan vs Ricochet  

      Adam Cole pulls double duty and hold the Tag strap so take him out of this mix. 

      Killian and Lars cross each other out since they will be entering a program. 

      Velveteen Dream will begin program with Aleister next.  

      This leaves EC3 and Ricochet.   

      Winner:  EC3 wins the title and enters a program with Ricochet.  


#3 NXT Women's Championship 

      Ember Moon (c) vs Shayna Baszler  

      Winner: Shayna Baszler takes title and Ember Moon goes to SmackDown LIVE 


#4 Tommaso Ciampa  vs  Johnny Gargano  

       This will be a great match!   Can't wait. 

       Winner: Tommaso Ciampa  and Johnny Wrestling goes to 205 LIVE 


#5 Aleister Black vs Andrade "Cien" Almas (c) 

      Winner: Aleister Black become new NXT Champ and enters program with either a  

                     returning Drew McIntirye or Velveteen Dream.  Andrade Almas moves 

                     to SmackDown LIVE.  Vince loves Cien and wants to puch him like the   

                     next Great Mexican Hope!  Needs the network to pick up in Mexico!  



And now honestly Vince was right when he said this is the most stacked card he's seen in a while.  I agree!  Bottom line all the SMART Fans and HARDCORE Fans 4 years ago were bitching and complaining about how Triple H and Vince arent giving the young kids a chance in NXT and we cant wait till they are all up.  Well............that time is NOW.  17 of the guys on the card excluding the Battle Royals are NXT!   So guys set strapped in the youth got it, with a few sprinkles of age with Triple H, Orton, and Taker.   So lets get the party started!   


Let me start with this...although you do not see Taker on the card be rest assured that he and Cena will have a match.  Vince decided to not advertise it since his card is already stacked and wanted to shock some people.  Taker vs Cena will happen.....the question is.........will he be the Badass or the DeadMan?  My pick with Kid Rock being inducted,  Taker comes out to a LIVE version of American Badass to fight Cena.  

WINNER: Taker then he comes back next year, wrestles youth passes the torch again and retires the BadAss.  As he headlines the Hall of Fame!  


KickOff Show:  


KOS #1 The New 205 LIVE Championship 

       Cedric Alexander vs Mustafa Ali 

       Winner: Mustafa Ali to help promote the Saudi Battle Royal coming up and to

       promote the network to the Arabic countries.  Buisness!!!! 


KOS #2  WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal 

       Winner: Becky Lynch 


KOS #3  Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal 

       Winner:  Ty Dillinger 

        This can be hard.   Allot of options.  Depends on who Strowman's partner will be 

        too.  Don't count out Elias, Big Cass or Byron Corbin for a back to bak win!  First            ever.   


        The Kick Off show ends with an Undertaker tease or a Gong and the lights

        flickering.    Rest assured that the Cena vs UnderTaker match will happen. 

        There will be major teasing thru the entire show.   


Main Card WrestleMania 34: 


       Show starts with John Cena as a Fan.   He will sort of be like a HOST.  Possibly 

       sitting in the front row.  He will call out the Taker after the ending of the KOS.  


#4  SDL Tag Titles 

       Usos (c) vs New Day vs Bludgeon Brothers 

       Winners:  The Usos

       Swerve: This may also go down, New Day wins the straps and The Usos leave for



#5 US Title 4-Way 

      Randy Orton (c) vs Bobby Roode vs Jinder Mahal vs Rusev 

      Winner:  Rusev 

       We reports here on our Twitter account @WCSN312 FOLLOW US that Rusev was

       upset and he was negotiating his new contract.  Now with his return that means 

       he re-signed.  You better believe hes gonna win that strap!  Roode and Rusev 

       work a program and Orton may go to RAW.  



       First Undertaker scene on the main card.   



#6  RAW Tag Titles

       The BAR (c) vs Braun Strowmann and TBD  

       The big canadite is Bray Wyatt redone? Rumors of him shaving his beard                        Big Show? Samoa Joe, but they disclosed

        he will appear on RAW.  Elias??? Bottom line who ever the outcome is the same. 

        Winner:  The BAR 


#7  Intercontinental 3-Way Title 

        The Miz (c) vs Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor  

        WINNER: The Miz

        Seth Rollins looks like he'll be headed to SDL.   All signs point to Finn working

        a program with Reigns immediately after.  The Miz has a new reality show with 

        his wife on E!  and last weeks RAW was the season finally of his show.   They

        might swerve and give it to Balor but I belive the strap stays on Miz and they will

        have him break the record for longest reigning IC Champ.  



#8  Universal Women Champ 

       Alexa Bliss (c) vs Nia Jax  

       Winner: Nia Jax 

       This is a no brainer.   This can potentially become a 5 minute squash match.  With

        the current push of Jax and her " be happy with yourself " campaign, she will get 

        the strap and continue her push and campaign.  


        This may be perfect time to bring out the HOF guys and potentially  Hulk Hogan

         or the Rock promos.  Kid Rock plays a LIVE song and then potentially an

         Undertaker tease.  


#9  The Return 

        Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn 

        Winner:  Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon  

        Looks like KO and Zayn going to RAW.  Look I WOULD LOVE FOR DB to turn heel,

        join KO and Zayn and destroy Shane.  But......its Bryan's first match back and he's

        currently the biggest FACE in the company.  You can't turn him. But man what a 

        site it would be to see the old buddies together.  Also what better team  to put              him up against in his first match back than the guys who know him best in the              ring!  This will be a good match, they know each other very well.  


#10  WWE Womens Championship 

         Charlotte Flair (c) vs Asuka 

          Winner: Auska  

         It's Auska's time.   If anyone beats Asuka its gonna be Charlotte.   But not just  

         now.  They may end up working another match and Charlotte takes the strap

          back and Asuka suffers her first loss.   For her first loss its best for it to be Flair. 

          So with that said I hope Charlotte doesnt go to RAW.  


          MAJOR SWERVE: Carmella does a run in the middle of the match to cash in the              strap.  What may 

          happen swerve is Carmella beats Charlotte for the strap.  That way Carmella

          gets the quick rub.  Then they announce Auska needs a title match and then it 

          becomes a Carmella vs Auska and Auska beats Carmella.  At this point at 

          SummerSlam Charlotte can say Auska never beat me and they go at it again. 

          Either way Carmella has to cash it in at WM34, so either this or she tries to 

          cash in against Auska at the end and looses.   I just feel doing that at the end

          ruins Auska win rub in the ring.   


#11  Dream Match WWE Championship 

          AJ Styles (c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura  

         Winner:  AJ Styles 

          Lets all hope and pray this lives up to the NJPW match they had together. 

          Vince is not a fan of Shinsuke, AJ cant go to RAW therfore AJ keeps the strap. 


          The time is now......Cena jumps in the ring after Gong goes off again.  Cena

           instigates.  Lights go out.   And THE AMERICAN BADASS with Kid Rock singing

           his song live goes off with pyro.  Taker rides in on a chopper.  Cena vs

           Undertaker begins.   Ding Ding Ding.   



         Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle vs Stephanie McMahon and Triple H 

         Winner: Rousey and Angle 

         Worst booked match.  They are making Rousey look bad to a non wrestler 

         in Stephanie.  Just Brutal.  I dont even want to talk about this anymore. 



#13  Universal Title

          Brock Lesnar (c) vs Roman Reigns 

          Winner:  Roman Reigns 

          Now everyone knows that Brock is talking contract with the UFC and WWE. 

          Now this can all be a work and he has agreed to a contract but Dana and Vince

          are working it and Brock keeps the strap.  But if this is real,  he's leaving for 

          now.  He may be back, but now gone.  He fights 1 time in UFC then resigns, 

          is my call.  BOTTOM LINE:  Vince is trying hard to establish Reigns as the FACE

          of the WWE.  What we all pray for is Heyman stays and turns on Lesnar.  

          Costing Lesnar the title, and becoming the new advocate for Reigns.  This will

          get Reigns an instant POP and potentially get him liked by the Universe.  With

          Heyman coaching Reigns that can also be a great combo and a great teacher 

          Reigns to learn from.  Lets all hope this happens as well!  I want Reigns to be a

          Heyman Guy!  



Very busy show.  Best card on WrestleMania in an extremly long time!   Im very excited to see this event.   ROH Supercard looks great as well.  NXT doesnt impress me as much.  But bottom line get ready for a long Sunday.   Chips, Salsa and San Pellagrino  Blood Orange ALL DAY.  


RAW and SDL will have allot of NXT Surprises and Samoa Joe Return!  








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