MLB Opening Day 2018

As I was gonna fire up the laptop to begin this Blog, I pass out for the night of exhaustion. I do not lie, I was gonna type these words " MattyD is in great form and looks great. I expect him to have a breakout year and lead the White Sox in home runs this year." Then today happens. MattyD hits 3 in one game on Opening Day. Only other Chicago baseball player to do so is Tuffy Rhodes. Lets not forget Tim Anderson also clocked 2 out! Also the Cubs dominate the Marlins and looked HOT, minus Schwarber.

As Opening Day closes, Im watching Seattle trying to close out the upset against the Indians. Last night Wild Bill, Philly Ho and I did our MLB Special on our YouTube Channel CSCR Episode 32. Check it out! I wanted to drop our predictions for the season. Lets cut to the chase- GO!

AL East: Expect the Yankees to take the division and Boston to get the Wild Card. Either way if the Red Sox beat out the Yankees, New York will get the Wild Card. Regardless both teams will make the playoffs in October.

AL Central: Cleveland has the Central on LOCK. Minnesota is the only other team that will push for WC but I dont think they have enought to squeak it out.

AL West: Astros are the automatic pick! The Angels will have the other Wild Card locked up. The Angels have a great team offensively and defensively, I can see them surprise allot of teams this year and shock some people.

ALDS WINNERS: Cleveland Indians

Houston Astros

AL PENNANT: Cleveland has the depth. I really think it's their year.

AL MVP: Mike Trout LAA, Fransisco Lindor CLEV will be right behind him.

AL CY YOUNG: Chris Sale BOS, expect Severino NYY to be talked about for this award.

AL ROTY: Michael Kopech CWS or Shohei Ohtani LAA

NL East: Washington basically has no competition here. The Mets will try their hardest for WC but I think injuries again will plauge them.

NL Central: Cubs will domminate with St.Louis and Milwuakee vying for a WC spot.

NL West: Dodgers will lock the west up and the two strongest WC teams are in the West Colorado and the Diamondbacks. I believe both WC spots will be taken by them. So 3 teams out of the West going to playoffs.

NLDS Winners: Washington Nationals

Chicago Cubs

NL PENNANT: Washington looks scary this year and might just take it this year if they can beat the Cubs.

NL MVP Bryce Harper WASH, right behind him Kris Bryant CHI, Nolan Arenado COL, and Anthony Rendon WASH.

NL CY YOUNG: Yu Darvish CHI, of course dont count out Kershaw.

NL ROTY: Ronald Acuna ATL

World Series: Nationals beat Cleveland. Its Washingtons Year! The better question is if Washington wins the Series, does Harper stay, go to Chicago or does Philly make that statement.

Go Go White Sox!

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