Bears Free Agency 2018 Round-Up

Listen.....I like the moves the Bears made. I really do! They get rid of age and brought in youth. Its a better way for the future. It's just since 1985 as a Bears fan I'm used to getting burned and burned bad!

Remember Thomas Smitth in 2000, the shutdown CB from the Bills? 5 year, $22.5 Million?

Remember Kordell Stewart? Chad Hutchinson? How about Orlando Pace and his $15 Million 2008 deal? Here you go the best one of recent history Jared Allen (laziest player in Bears history) and his 4 year $32 Million, $15.5 Million guaranteed???? Eddie Royal? Lamarr Houston? I can go on and on but you get my drift.

So we go after youth and make statement before the draft. In my opinion we still have some ground to make up and more FA to sign, in order to have a solid draft direction. But as of now I really would be going after Tremaine Edmunds LB to help out Floyd and strengthen our LB core that has been depleted with all the recent cuts.

But enough of that lets breakdown the new FA signings and my thoughts:

*Allen Robinson WR from Jacksonville 3 year/$42 Millon, $14 Million guaranteed. Best WR on the market and I'm glad the Bears made the statement and signed him. He's only 24 and solid when healthy. I like this signing and gamble. Gamble? What worries me on this is that he's coming off of an ACL injury and I hope he comes back as good old ARob and not a different receiver. Lets all hope, cause this may just become the biggest BUST in Bears history!

*Trey Burton TE from Philadelphia 4 year/$32 Million, $18 Million guaranteed. OK. This one scares me. ALLOT! I'm shocked others aren't. Is Trey a proven TE? The 26 year old was a back up to Zach Ertz. He posted 37 catches for 327 yards and 1 TD in 2016 and 23 receptions for 248 yards and 5 TDs in 2017. He had a great playoff run, with solid performances. But we just signed a TE that isn't proven as a starting TE and is known for throwing a Super Bowl TD not catching one. I'm scared on this and worried we guaranteed him $18 Million. I would have passed on him for this amount of money.

*Taylor Gabriel WR from Atlanta 4 year/$26 Million, $14 Million guaranteed. Incentives can boost his contract to $28 Million. What worried me here is that he's 5'8". Nagy is intending to use him like Tyreke Hill and I know he's the size of Cohen, but I'm sorry, again we are paying big bucks for an unproven 5'8" WR. Nagy said he will be our PR/KR and slot WR, lets pray this works out. I will say one thing, this kid has SPEED! This guy is FAST!

*Chase Daniel QB from New Orleans 2 year/$10 Million, $7 Million guaranteed. Chase is a solid option to back up Trubisky! He's a Nagy guy and they spent time together in Kansas City. Solid option to help support Trub's and be a mentor. We just need a solid young 3rd string QB now just in case. Insurance plan.

*Cody Parkey K from Miami 4 year/ $15 Million, $9 Million guaranteed. In my opinion this is the best signing this year! For the price and the youth this is awesome! Parkey brings confidence and dependability back to special teams. He was 21/23 in kick converstions last year! We have been missing a solid K since Gould and we just got him. Great addition.

Only time will tell how all these signing will make Pace look. As Bears fans lets all hope and belive in Pace and that his plan works. This draft will be huge for our teams future. Cant wait for it and camp to begin. BEAR DOWN Chicago!

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