RAW began to build the WrestleMania 34 card right after Elimination Chamber. We also saw some of the story lines unfold at Elimination Chamber. It's SmackDown Lives turn this Tuesday and of course it begins today at FastLane.

By the end of FastLane we will have a MUCH clearer picture of what the WresleMania 34 Card will look like.

Lets get into the card:

* Rusev vs Shinsuke Nakamura - nothing big gonna happen here. Its sad to see that Rusev, being so hot right now with the Universe, doesnt have a solid story line and place. Expect Nakamura to win to setup the DREAM MATCH of AJ vs Nakamura that we all saw in NJPW. And if you didn't see that match, I suggest you YouTube it and watch it before the PPV.

Nakamura with the win. No Surprises.

* Becky Lynch and Naomi vs Natalya and Carmella - Honestly I'm not sure why they are making us watch this match. I would have rather seen the Bludgeon Brothers in this spot. Waste of TV time.

Lynch and Naomi go over for the win. Bathroom break match!

* Bobby Roode vs Randy Orton (US Championship) - Orton wins the US Championship finally! Expect Jinder Mahal to insert himself in some manner into this match. either to interfere and help Orton win? Either way this sets up a Orton(Champ) vs Roode vs Mahal 3 Way Match at WM34. Expect them to fuel this story line in the coming weeks.

Orton goes over and wins The United States Championship for the first time in his


* The Usos vs The New Day (SDL Tag Team Championship ) - This may be the best match on the card to watch. With the Usos pushing hard lately with great promo and in ring work. I was glad to see Big E cut that filthy promo on SDL! Bottom Line I see them keeping the straps on The Usos going into WM34 and inserting somehow the The Bludgeon Brothers into this to make it a 3 way at WM34.

The Usos retain.

* Charlotte Flair vs Riott (SDL Womens Championship) - Flair will win this match. But here is my spoiler. I feel Asuka will enter after match to challenge Flair for a WM34 Match. I have always thought this ever since Asuka won the Rumble. Its the most logical match for them both. This then will set up Nia Jax to challenge Bliss for the title at WM34.

Flair to retain. Auska to come out after the match to challenge Flair to a match at


* AJ Styles vs John Cena vs Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn vs Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler (WWE Championship) - Wow ok, where do I begin? KO and Zayn will cancel each other out. They will be working in a program after FastLane. They will be in the Andre The Giant Memorial at WM34 but ensure that they will continue to force the feud with each other and enter a heavy program together. Ziggler is rumored to be entering a program and possible match with Shane at WM34 so expect him to be out of the running. Corbin I'm clueless and lost about what he will be involved in and where he stands in this match, but I know one thing he aint winning. BIG SPOILER HERE: Expect the GONG to go off and a possible Undertaker sighting may be possible tonight to distract Cena and set up their WM34 match. AJ will retain and move on with his Nakamura DREAM MATCH of NJPW at WM34 to steal the show!

AJ goes over and retains! Nakamura at WM34 NEXT!

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