1MoreRound Radio is a show that was created by avid and intense boxing fans.  We watch every match in detail and have our own opinions, which is similar to all true boxing fans.  1MR was created by Sammy the Bull (right) and hosted by Big Nick Kold (center).  


As kids growing up in the WindyCity we would put boxing gloves on and box in our parents basements.  From there on, the passion and love we hold for boxing is history.  Learning to love this sport is hard and is in your blood.  We hold that in our hearts and our minds.  We bleed boxing, daily.  


The personalities for this show are pictured to the right.  1MR Radio is hosted by Big Nick Kold (center) avid boxing fan for 16 years.  Producer of the show Mush JackMann (left) avid boxing fan for 25+ years and 5X Basement Boxing Champion.  Founder of 1MR Radio Sammy the Bull (right) avid boxing fan for 25+years, 5X Basement Boxing Champion, and MMA Artist Expert. Lastly we have recently added a 4th member to our show, Gunzz (not pictured yet) Gunzz has a vast background in boxing.  Gunzz was a Chicago Golden Glove boxer, was an amateur boxer and has fought and trained with many current boxing stars in the industry.  Gunzz brings a boxers perspective to the show and we are happy to have him on board.  


The 4 personalities combined form The Kings of the Ring! 

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel we are LIVE every Friday at 7PM. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, 2nd Half of show will be on Facebook LIVE @WCSN312. Subscribe to us on iTunes and leave us a comment and rate us 5 stars! We are also on SnapChat and Instagram at wcsn312.


Thank You for your support and loyalty.  Spread the word!  


WindyCity Sports Network and 1MoreRound Radio. 



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